About North Kohala

When you think of Hawaii, what comes to mind?  The beaches of Waikiki, the big city of Honolulu?  What if there was a place that had all the positives of living in Hawaii, and none of the downsides?  If you're looking for quiet beaches, incredible weather, unique shopping, and innovative restaurants, all with a small town feel, then North Kohala is your future home in Hawaii.

If you could choose anywhere in the world, North Kohala might well be your first choice. The birthplace of Kamehameha the Great, who united the islands in 1795, North Kohala is a special place. No wonder Hawaiian royals chose to live here year round. Kapaau is the home of the original statue of the king.  Each year on June 11th, the Kohala community celebrates his legacy with a parade and ceremony.

Escape the stress of the modern world and enjoy North Kohala on the Big Island, a place blessed with warm rains in the evenings, sunshine during the day, clean ocean swims and the ability to conduct business from your back lanai.

Come to where old Hawaiian traditions embrace everyone and a simple, kinder lifestyle flourishes. The following pages will give you only a brief look at what is available, please email us for even more.

We are the neighborhood specialists in this part of the world with more experience than anyone else. We're here to help you find your ideal in land or a residence and will make every effort to connect you with a long deserved investment in Paradise.

Kohala Pacific Realty proudly offers real estate and land for purchase in North Kohala and other communities on the Big Island. We also offer commercial and residential property for sale and waterfront property.

North Kohala has...

  • Acreage for horses
  • Waterfront lots
  • Lots with views of the pacific ocean
  • Character homes
  • New subdivisions
  • and much more!

Cultural Events

The community also hosts a yearly Country Fair with artists, musicians and restaurants from the nearby towns. Pristine and uncluttered, the area has changed little over the years - time moves at a leisurely pace, your neighbor asks about your vegetable garden and your dog's name as well.

The Land of North Kohala

Private land in Kohala is very limited, with large parcels of five or more acres infrequently available, which promises a continuation of the provincial atmosphere.

North Kohala Weather

With 346 sunny days a year, cool easterly tradewinds, and spectacular views of the ocean and mountains, North Kohala is fast becoming a prime location for new growth, With an average temperature of 78 degrees it is in a transition zone between the island's wet, verdant east side and the dry arid west coast. The region is a million years older than the rest of the Big Island.

Farms and Agriculture in North Kohala

Its volcanic base, washed by rain is now a lush, fertile base for agricultural products. Marketable crops such as macadamia nuts, avocados, herbs, mangos and fish are now replacing the sugar cane fields.  North Kohala's history was once shaped by the sugar cane industry which owned approximately 20,000 acres of the district (almost all of the private land).

Facilities and Amenities in North Kohala

The sugar industry land was sold to Surety Kohala Corp, a Japanese corporation in 1989. Because the population of North Kohala was several thousand before the mill closed in 1975, the district enjoys an infrastructure of a large population. This includes a paved county airstrip, a community swimming pool, a full sized gymnasium with game rooms, weight room, ceramic room, pool table, ping pong, aerobics room and his/her locker rooms. Also there is a golf driving range, a lighted baseball field, two lighted tennis courts, and a soccer field (these are all free except the driving range). The area boasts several small grocery stores, a bank and an assortment of restaurants and shops.

The Essence of North Kohala

Kohala enjoys a mild climate, deep fertile soil, and proximity to the developing Kona or "Gold Coast" beaches and world famous resorts. It is a rural location which still retains the ambiance of "Old Hawaii".